Pricing is always a big constrain in any form of services. Usually this happens when the customers are unaware about the work load and time required for a particular service they are searching for. We, at, always believe in customer satisfaction and thus we offer a unique pricing solution as per customer's requirement and budget. Our unique pricing solutions give our customers more options to choose from and this makes us popular among others. We don't have a fixed price list for all the services we offer. What we do best is to give our customers a minimum of three quotations*, of different pricing, for a single service and customers have the freedom to choose from it. These quotations are prepared by our expert inspection staff, after visiting and consulting the customers directly. This will help us to clear our customer's queries and to let them know the intensity of the work involved in the service they are looking for. We follow this practice after a very intensive study of customers behaviour, thus, this is a very big move, that out of 100 requests, we are successfully and satisfactorily priced 99 times.

We have a wide range of third party service providers and this keeps increasing each and every single day. This will help us to put forward most competitive pricing for our customers.

Currently we have Two pricing strategy for booking any service we offer in our Website and Mobile Application:

(1) Confirmed Booking (Free Booking) - Towards posting a single service, which can successfully completed within a maximum of 2days

2) Estimation Booking (Rs 100/-) - As estimation charges towards booking a single service, which will take more than 2 days to complete successfully

Customers have the option to choose from any of the above pricing strategy. Service rendering days is what we count here, but there are cases when customers request for estimation for a single day service. It's all up to the customers to choice.

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